Geyser R-Series
Residential Heat Pumps
For Electric Tanks
For Electric or Other Tanks
Geyser PRO-Series
Small Commercial Applications
Geyser Cold Climate
Ambient temperatures down to -0ºF (-18ºC)
Geyser CCHP-30
Geyser CCHP-60
Geyser C-Series
Commercial and Industrial
Geyser Solutions
Custom solutions for commercial and industrial
Water-to-water systems
Large capacity systems
High temp up to 160ºF (71ºC)
Ambient as low as 0ºF (-18ºC)


Nyle Systems has a long history in heat pump solutions. We were one of the early pioneers in heat pump water heating in the US.

Water heating is one of the largest uses of energy at home and in many commercial and industrial situations as well. Water is heated in various ways, most of them not very energy efficient. Heat pump water heating is recognized as the most energy and cost efficient way to heat water. That is where Nyle focuses.

As with all of our products, when you buy a Nyle Heat Pump Water Heater, you buy a quality product. We pride ourselves on our service and support.


Product Line

Our heat pump water heating product line is the most comprehensive in the industry and includes:

  • Geyser R-Series: Residential add-on heat pump water heaters.
  • Geyser PRO-Series: A small commercial size unit at 25,000 BTUH. Water temp up to 130°F. (55ºC)
  • Geyser CCHP Series: Cold Climate systems appropriate for commercial scale hot water supply; residential and commercial radiant floor heating applications; industrial applications, etc. For ambient temps as low as 0°F (-18°C)
  • Geyser C-Series: Professional size heat pump water heaters that can be customized to your needs, including anti-corrosion packages; water-to-water systems; etc. Water temp up to 150°F (65ºC).
  • Geyser Solutions: Custom made heat pump water heating systems, including water-to-water systems and solutions for large commercial and industrial applications, 1.2 million BTUH and beyond. High temp. up to 160°F (70°C)


How do the Geysers work?

Heat is extracted from the air surrounding the units and utilizing heat pump technology, that energy is used to heat the water in your tank. Because heat is extracted from ambient air instead of being generated by burning fossil fuels, these units are very energy efficient. In some parts of the world heat pumps are considered a source of renewable energy, like wind or solar. As a by-product of heating water, the air source Geysers, cool and dehumidify the air. This air can be ducted to where it reduces the load on air conditioning, further increasing your savings. Water source units cool water as a by product, for example off-loading chillers


How energy efficient are the Geysers?

For the residential units, the costs of water heating are typically cut in half or better (50% – 65% savings or more). This number is based on the DOE Energy Factor test and includes standby losses in the tank.

For the commercial units savings are typically expressed in a Coefficient of Performance (COP). In typical installations our commercial units achieve COPs ranging from 3-5. This means it creates 3-5 units of renewable heat from the air for every 1 unit of electricity required to run the unit. This 300% to 500% efficiency compares with efficiencies of traditional water heaters of approximately 70% for gas or oil to 90% for electric water heaters. Overall savings on the commercial side are typically 60% – 75%, including stand-by losses, etc. For all heat pumps, performance is impacted by a number of factors including the ambient air and water temperatures.


The investment payback period is typically 1 – 3 years, depending on a number of factors, including  cost of energy and how much water you use.

None of these savings numbers includes the benefit of the cooling and dehumidifying the air that happens as a by-product of heating the water. This may allow you to turn off a dehumidifier or off-load the A/C further increasing savings. Heat pumps are truly the most efficient way to heat water!

Nyle has been designing and building heat pump systems for about 37 years. Thousands of Nyle systems are used around the world. When you buy a Nyle system, you are not only buying the equipment but you are also buying the know-how and support.

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